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Bright lights shined in her eyes as she opened the door. The summer sun was attempting to blind her again. Clarissa Faye squinted as she looked down the street to the market place. It was crowded, just as she liked it. She grabbed her messanger bag, slid it over her shoulder and closed the door behind her as she walked away.
Clarissa did her best to blend into the crowd, appearing as though she was just any other citizen of Naltasis. However, she was not here to buy her food like the others. At one stall she snatched up two oranges, and a fish at the next. As she placed an acquired loaf of bread in her bag, she heard the words every Faye learns to dread.
"Theif! Theif!" One merchant yelled as he pulled out a pistol and aimed it her way.
Clarissa had never run so fast in her life. In no time flat she was down the street and on the rooftops.
"It's certainly a good thing you picked up Parkour, Miss Faye." A familar voice spoke quietly from beside her. It was her trusted partner in crime Alexander. He smiled and lead her into the alley below. Alexander was a former Faye. Having made a proper living working in a factory and also profiting from theivery he was now living 'the good life', alone in a three room shack.
"Thanks for the save Alex. I really needed it." Clarissa said bluntly.
The silence that followed was painful and awkward, but was interupted by an uproar outside. Alexander and Clarissa rushed through the small doorway, looking around for what had caused the untimely disruption of their silence. A large gray airship came to pass over the streets, dropping sheets of paper out onto the crowd of people gathered below.
"I'm going to go see what's up. See you Alex." Clarissa spoke quickly as she turned to run off into the chaos of the streets. As she came to the horde a woman walked up to her. The woman was so tall it was almost excessive, and her dark brown hair was almost just as long. She walked up, placed something into Clarissa's messanger bag and whispered, "Trust me. You'll be needing this."
Clarissa threw a strange look at the woman, but went on into the crowd. The people were pushing each other over to grab these papers, and the authorities were trying just as hard to pick up what remained of the propaganda. The police were threatening the citizens of Naltasis and ripping the papers out of their hands, destroying them as fast as they could get ahold of them. Clarissa reached up to catch one just as it was going to land on her. Instantaneously she was teleported into another world... or possibly another dimension. She wasn't sure which it was, or even if it wasn't just another place in her own world and dimension.
The trees and grass were colored a brighter green than in Naltasis, and the birds even seemed to sing louder and more beautifully. Clarissa wandered around for a while, looking for any other humans, hoping to find something more than birds. After a couple of hours of searching she realized she was starving, and probably wouldn't find anyone else for awhile. As she reached into her bag, she remembered the woman from earlier. In her bag lay not only the oranges, the fish and the bread, but also a flat metal object. It was shaped like a triangle. On it was a note.
'Welcome to The Book.'
This is my Audition story.... :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
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May 18, 2011
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