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Character Reference::
~Character Name: Clarissa Faye
~Physical Description: Clarissa has always been small for her age, except for the hereditary trait of long fingers. She prefers her own style than that of other styles such as gothic or preppy, and her style would be considered 'made for the outdoor activites of theives'. Clarissa likes to let her brown hair hang over her green eyes in an unruly mess.
~History: After being born, Clarissa was promptly abandoned by her mother at an orphanage on the outskirts of a rundown town. She was clearly a troublemaker, even from the start. One of the elderly ladies who worked at the orphanage took pity on her, allowing Clarissa to get away with some of her petty crimes around the orphanage, and even going as far as to let Clarissa stay after age eighteen. However, all good things must come to an end. The older woman took ill one day, and died. As soon as this happened, the other orphanage workers kicked Clarissa onto the streets. After wandering around for months, homeless, hopeless and hungry, Clarissa stumbled upon a group of 'outstanding citizens' who invited her to join them at their residence Faye's Fallout. It was here, in an abandoned fallout shelter that she recieved not only her last name, but also her training in the art of theivery, and eventually, her destiny.
~Personality: Clarissa is a shifty, untrustworthy conniving member of society. She, however, won't trust others except the Faye's, and is extremely introverted.
~Abilities: Most of Clarissa's skills come from residing at Faye's Fallout, a hideout for homeless criminals. For instance, she is an experienced pickpocket, and has also dabbled in lock picking. She is also very manipulative.

~Gift: Triangle shape
~Gift Giver: Lady Ink
Sooooooo..................... This is my character picture and reference sheet for The Book Of Stories : Original Character Contest.
The image is used with permission from xdanond :)
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